10 sun-safe Instagram accounts to follow

It’s 2020 and apparently, there are still influencers out there promoting sun tanning.

Thankfully, the tides are turning and SPF warriors are rising up to preach the virtues of sun-safety. Follow these sun-safe influencers on Instagram for your daily dose of healthy beauty.

Call Time On Melanoma @calltimeonmelanoma

Driven to action by her friend Natalie Fornasier's battle with melanoma, Lisa Paltulny founded Call Time On Melanoma. We love the no-nonsense approach to sun-safety, all wrapped up in a gorgeous aesthetic and plenty of hilarious memes.

Natalie Fornasier @nataliefornasier

Natalie's honest account of fighting Stage IV melanoma has inspired many to think about sun-safety not as a chore, but important self-care. We'll be following her journey closely – this "skinfluencer" has a bright future ahead!

Mecca Cosmetica @meccacosmetica

We're obsessed with Mecca's summer campaign, which teamed up with Call Time On Melanoma to promote everyday sunscreen application. It's so exciting to see big brands stand up for sun-safety! As an aside, their SPF50+ face sunscreen is the bomb dot com.

Game On Mole @gameonmole_

An initiative of Melanoma Institute Australia, Game On Mole is calling on everyone to take notice of changes in their skin. Armed with cute t-shirts and a witty tagline, supporters of the campaign include Olympic swimmer and melanoma survivor Cate Campbell and influencer mogul Elle Ferguson. 

Elle Ferguson @elle_ferguson

Elle's 600k+ followers are obsessed with her golden tan, but you don't have to bake in dangerous UV rays to get it. In fact, she even launched her own brand of sunless tan, Elle Effect, which is already a firm favourite with girls in the glow. 

Carissa Walford @carissawalfold

TV presenter Carissa got a wake-up call after a skin check and vowed never to sun tan again. Instead, she embraced her complexion and now uses her Instagram to show that "covering up in cool swimmers that protect your skin is cute". Amen to that!

Hannah English @ms_hannah_e

Hannah is a pharmaceutical scientist and beauty blogger – what she doesn't know about sunscreen isn't worth knowing! We came for the information on SPF, and stayed for the lewks. 

Shameless @shamelesspodcast

Like pretty much every other woman in Australia, we're addicted to Shameless (Michelle Andrews' and Zara McDonald's hilarious pop culture podcast). That's why we were so excited to see Shameless pledge to wear sunscreen every day in 2020, and encourage their followers to be proactive about sun safety.

Emily Doherty @emilydoherty_

Model Emily's passion for sun-safety shines through her posts. We love a girl who can rock a long-sleeved swimsuit with pride!

Elise Hodge @elise_hodge

We love Elise's beautiful feed – and her commitment to everyday sunscreen. Her partnership with sunscreen fave Invisible Zinc means she traded makeup for tinted SPF50 moisturiser, and we think she looks amazing!

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