The Holiday Co. Guide to… Fiji

There’s a reason why we had to create this Fiji travel guide: Fiji has 333 tropical islands! Now that’s a lot to choose from.

 But don’t worry, because we have first-hand experience with this beautiful country. Set your watches to “Fiji time” and take a dive with us into the best Fiji has to offer.

STAY: Mamanuca Islands

Let’s be real: you could stay pretty much anywhere along the coast of Fiji and have a great time. But the Mamanuca Islands could take the crown for the best place to stay. The closest group of islands to Nadi International Airport, you’ll fall in love with its white sands and turquoise seas – and you’ll never want to leave.

SWIM: Rainbow Reef

You cannot visit Fiji without snorkelling – repeat, you cannot visit Fiji without snorkelling. There are many beautiful reefs that border the islands, but Rainbow Reef in the Somosomo Strait is one of the most popular. For a deeper experience, book scuba diving at The Great White Wall. (P.S. Our Freddie Two Piece Swim Set will protect you from the hot Fijian sun while you swim.)

HIKE: Taveuni

Known as the “Garden Island of Fiji”, Taveuni is abundant in native flora, waterfalls and exotic birds. Need we say more? Lace up your hiking boots (no thongs, this is serious wilderness!) and follow the trail into paradise.

SHOP: Nadi

Located on the main island of Viti Levu, Nadi is a bustling region full of places to eat, shop and explore. There is a great range of locally made souvenirs, such as clothing, jewellery, carvings and artworks.

EAT: Lovo

One of the most amazing cultural experiences in Fiji is a traditional lovo feast – cooked with hot stones in the earth. From fresh fish and pork to taro and cassava root (all wrapped in banana leaves), the lovo imbues a smoky, barbecue-y flavour. But the best part is the sense of community from enjoying the feast together.

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