In conversation with… Harmony A’Bell

Harmony A’Bell is your ultimate Aussie beach babe.

The Sydney-based model is all about loving the skin you’re in and spreading the body positivity message far and wide. We were lucky enough to have Harmony feature in our very first campaign, so we decided to sit down with her to chat about her personal style and what happiness means to her…

How would you describe your personal style?

I actually have no idea ha! In winter I wear trackies and jeans – in summer, I wear bikinis and shorts.

As a model, how important is it for you to spread the message about body positivity?

The message of body positivity is one of self-love and acceptance. It’s a message that values diversity and celebrates individuality. A message that helps people understand that beauty is not just something as temporary as looks, but something that shines far beyond what the eyes can see! 

It teaches people how to be bold, be brave and not to be afraid to be themselves. Loving and accepting yourself is understanding that we are all so unique and different – and our diverse makeup is actually what makes us beautiful in our own individual way. 

I have crossed paths with many people who have suffered/are suffering from mental health issues caused by a negative body image. Mental disorders are detrimental to the health and wellbeing of so many people and it’s a major concern that needs to be shown a lot more love and attention. While it’s apparent in every sphere of life, being a model, I am up close and personal with a lot of beautiful women who have body image issues, mental health difficulties and eating disorders. Having experienced this myself, it is a passion of mine to use my story to help people realise their value and find freedom from allowing themselves to be 100% themself! 

You’ve got such an incredible sense of confidence that shines through in your photos – how do you love the skin you’re in even under such scrutiny being in the modelling industry?

The first thing I decided when I started my career in modelling was – my job would not define me and I would not search for my worth in my work and in modelling. 

I had to and also wanted to separate my self-worth from my occupation. Who I am is constant; what I do is temporary... and could actually change at any point! It is the same with any job, really. If you search for it to fulfil you, you will find it actually does the opposite! 

Being content with who we are is understanding we don’t need all the ‘glitz and glamour’ to feel important but that we are already important because “I am me... and that is enough”. YOU are enough – I tell myself this constantly.

Yes, there are hard days and days where I question why on earth I am doing what I’m doing, but when I am able to have the chance to stand up against and challenge certain standards of beauty and perfection that society portrays to us, or be able to tell people that they are worth more than their appearance and what they do, it makes it all worth it. 

What brings you happiness?

LOTS of things! Flowers, the ocean, journaling, ice cream... but I’d say one big one is the people I love. I believe its really important to surround yourself with like-minded, positive, encouraging and happy people. I am really lucky that those people are the ones I care most about and the ones that I love!

Growing up in Australia, we’re all so aware of the sun smart message – why is this so important to you?

Oh my goodness... I was very aware! As a child, we would not leave the house without sunscreen. It has helped me today to place it of super high importance and I now carry a little sunscreen with me everywhere!!

The Holiday Co. is designed for the adventurer, the dreamer, the traveller – which one of these personas speaks to you? 

I think we have the opportunity to be all three. Sometimes its all three at once, while at other times, one may resonate more in a particular season. 

At the moment, I think the one that speaks to me the most in the season I am in right now would have to be, ‘The Dreamer’. I have a lot of big and crazy (awesome) dreams at the moment! Some are personal, some are to do with work and some are more family orientated. Dreaming helps me understand myself as a person and helps me figure out what I am passionate about. I am working on a big project at the moment and I can't wait to be able to share more about it…

I’m all about dreaming big dreams and doing the unthinkable! But also having a whole lot of fun whilst you’re at it!

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

Um.... all of it?! It’s so hard to choose just one! If I had to though, I’d probably say the Margot set (but also the Lola Tie Top in blush and the Sloane Maxi Skirt...)

If you were heading on holiday, what three things would we always find in your suitcase?

Easy. Swimmers, sunscreen and a nice dress to chuck over my swimmers!

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