How to protect your clothes from sun, surf and sand

Cover-ups are there to help protect your skin from sun damage. But what's protecting your clothes?

Luckily, The Holiday Co. cover-ups are made from top-quality 100% cotton, so they won't wear and tear as easily as cheap synthetic fabrics. You can extend the life of your garment even more with a little TLC. Here are some tips to protect your clothes from sun, sand and saltwater – so they'll last all summer long, for several summers!

A place in the sun

Did you know that UV rays naturally bleach fabrics? Dark and rich-coloured clothing should be hung in the shade to prevent colour damage. Light fabrics will only get brighter in the sunshine (we prefer them as a cover-up anyway, because light reflects the sun). We say to lean into that soft, faded look. 

Something in the water

After a dip, it's a good idea to give your clothes and swimmers a quick rinse in fresh water. Don't leave saltwater to sit in fabrics, as it can lead to stiffness, odour and skin irritation. And of course, the same goes for chlorinated water – nobody wants their clothes to smell like a public pool! 

Go against the grain

Remember that rant Anakin Skywalker had in Star Wars about sand? While we love the beach, we must admit sand does get everywhere. Those abrasive grains of sand aren't just damaging for your clothes, but washers and dryers, too. Hang clothes outside and give a big shake once dry to loosen sand.