The Holiday Co. guide to... Santorini

When it comes to holiday destinations, it doesn't matter who you are – Santorini is probably on your list.

Why? It's the perfect combination of sun-drenched beaches, awe-inspiring architecture, fresh food and wine, and the most incredible sunsets you will ever see. It's no wonder Santorini is one of our dream destinations, so here's our little Santorini travel guide with some of the best things to see, do and eat.


Santorini is a crescent-shaped cluster of islands surrounding a volcanic caldera. Each village is unique and has its own charm, but for first-timers, Oia is the most popular. Here you'll find Santorini's iconic white buildings and rainbow roofs, which catch the colours of the sunset every evening from Sunset Serenade point.

WALK: Fira to Oia (or vice versa)

If you like a leg workout, Santorini is for you – it can be seriously steep! The Fira to Oia hike (or vice versa) takes you right along the rim of the caldera, and through several gorgeous villages and tourist spots. It can get very hot, especially in summer, so remember your cover-up, sunscreen and water bottle.

SEE: Ancient Thera

With Santorini so rich in history, it would be remiss to pass up an excursion to Ancient Thera. The site features temples and houses that date back to 9th century BC. And although a volcanic eruption left Thera in ruins, it's amazing how much has been preserved.

SHOP: Fira

Fira, the capital of Santorini, is famous for its bustling markets. Whatever you want, they're selling it – from fresh fish to beautiful ceramic mosaics. Make sure to check out Gold Street (real name: Ypapantis Street) which is one of the biggest gold markets in Greece.

EAT: Fava

Honestly? Eat everything, whatever somebody hands to you, just shove it in your mouth. Fresh Greek food rarely ever disappoints. But if there's one thing to make sure you don't miss out on, it's fava, a creamy and comforting split pea puree served with olive oil. Make sure to wash down with plenty of good wine!

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